Airtreatment-4U: Boneco, MontAna, Olimpia Splendid

Be in controle of your indoor climate!

It is crucial that the air we breath stays clean and healthy. Due to modern construction techniques, most buildings nowadays are totally sealed and lack a natural air flow. This does not necessarily has to be a problem, but it can create many health issues when not taken care of in a proper way.

Did you know that too dry air can cause dry mucous membranes, chapped lips and eye irritation? Can even cause headache and sleeplessness? Stimulates infections of respiratory tracts? Can lead to fatigue and concentration problems? Burdens pets and indoor plants? Advances dust development and electrostatic charge of carpets etc.? Damages wooden floors and furniture?

AirOswiss, Boneco en Montana offer the best solution. From humifying to dehumidifying. From removing strange smells to washing the air. The extensive range of Olimpia Splendid, MontAna and BONECO products includes air humidifiers and air cleaners with different technologies to meet the individual needs and requirements of users.

With Luchtbehandeling-4U all devices are delivered with original and official warranty!