General Conditions

These General Conditions are applicable to every visit to one of our All4U shops and to all agreements and arrangements made at All4U. In these conditions you will be appointed to other information pages in this web shop, hereafter also mentioned as: 'The Website' and 'All4U'. 
By ordering at the website you acknowledge to agree upon these terms & conditions.

Ordering and buying agreement

On the 'online shopping' information page on this website you can find the specific information regarding our ordering process as well as the ways you can order. An order is only valid if All4U is able to decisively determine your invoice and delivery address. By ordering comes a 14 days guarantee period as meant in art. 7.45 of the Dutch Civil Code. From the day you received your order you have 14 days to assess if the ordered items are to your satisfaction and to inform All4U if you are to return your order. After this period the buying agreement (order agreement) becomes definite (final) and you officially become the owner of the product. In individual cases All4U can decide to refuse orders. All4U will motivate such a decision only after receiving your written request.

Authorization to check data

By ordering at All4U you authorize us - only if necessary - to check upon the data provided at the municipal population administration. At the BKR (or in another way) All4U is possible to obtain information on your payment behavior. However, only if to this end reason exists.

Prices and Special offers

All4U guarantees that the special prices and offers mentioned on this website and in possible by us distributed mailings, will not be raised during the given period for that action or special offer, unless legal measures force us to increase the prices. All offers apply to the stock on hand. All4U cannot be held responsible for any printing or programming errors on this website or in any of our mailings.

Warranty& Service

All4U guarantees the high performance and luxury quality of all products. For more information please read our Service & Warranty information page.


You have a 14 days Guarantee to decide whether to keep or return the product! Our 14-day returns guarantee means that - starting at the date of delivery - you will have 14 days to decide whether to keep or return the product. After these 14 days the buying agreement will be final.
Items can only be returned to us for replacement without any charges if it concerns damaged, defective or incorrect items and only within 14 days after the delivery date. You do however first have to contact our customer service about this! 
In all other cases concerning replacement (changing) of items all delivery as well as returning costs will be charged. Please read our Returns pages on this website for more detailed information. 

After the 14 day Guarantee period you cannot return the item to us any longer. It is also your responsibility to proof that you are returning the item within the 14 days guarantee. You therefore have to hold on to the (mail) delivery slip with a specified delivery date or any other official document proofing such.


All payments have to be done up front and all at once including additional delivery costs. Making a payment is however very easy at our website. We also offer online-payment in cooperation with the known PayPal and Sisow iDeal systems. Our system meets the highest within the IT applying requirements and security standards and we do all we can to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

We do the best we can to provide the most accurate overview of the total amount of your order. In your 'Shopping Cart' the total amount of your order - including 21% VAT (within EU, otherwise 0%) and excluding delivery costs - will be given. If you want an estimate on the additional delivery costs you can use the button and depending on the total weight of the package as ell as your choice for delivery and delivery address, an estimate will be provided. We cannot be hold responsible for possible differences in delivery prices.

For detailed information please go to our Payment information pages!


As soon as we received your payment your order will be processed and delivered as soon as possible on the - by you provided - address for delivery. 
The date of delivery depends on the delivery time of the by you requested product. Every order will be delivered as 1 package and delivery therefore depends on the longest delivery time. For the delivery of your order on the by you provided address we use the known and secure services of PostNL and DPD. For more information we refer to our 'Delivery' pages.

Although the delivery dates are provided without any engagements, All4U always tries to realise the announced delivery dates. It can be that for an unforeseen reason your order is not deliverable or only at a later date that indicated. If - for any reason - delivery appears not possible within the indicated period, you will receive notice. In such case you are entitled to cancel your order and you will obtain a full refund if payment had been made. All4U cannot be held responsible for any damage in relation to the consequences of the delayed delivery.

In case you moved or request another delivery address, it is your responsibility to keep your account details up-to-date. You can change your account details by logging into your account (button on top). In case you did not inform us (in time) a delivery at the last to All4U provided delivery address will be considered as a valid delivery. We are not responsible for any damage that you might suffer in case that the delivery has not taken place on your actual (real) address.


All4U shall be liable only for damage you have suffered if this damage can be attributed to All4U or if it is damage for which the liability will mandatorily be assumed by All4U. All4U is not liable for the consequences of incorrect or incomplete information on its website or in its mailings. Neither is All4U liable for the consequence of incorrect or incomplete use and application of our products and their appurtenances and accessories, or the consequences of not following the information, tips and directions for use on this website, in mailings or in the brochure included with the product.

Purely financial damage and immaterial damage will not be indemnified. You guaranteeAll4U from claims against All4U on any grounds by a third party, stating to have suffered damage from an article that you have ordered from All4U, unless you will prove that All4U is mandatorily liable for this damage.

All4U shall not be liable for any damage caused by a deficiency which is the consequence of force majeure. Force majeure is present if the deficiency is a consequence of circumstances beyond the control of All4U, by which are meant in any case: war or situations resembling war, insurrection, sabotage, boycott, strike, occupation, blockade, illness of All4U personnel, failings of suppliers and/or carriers of All4U, government measures (including measures of foreign governments) such as prohibition of transport, import or production, natural disasters, bad weather, lightning, fire, explosions, and escape of dangerous substances or gases.

Nothing of the above is will be applicable in case of intent and/or serious fault of All4U. You have to prove the intent and/or serious fault of All4U.

All4U can never be held liable for any damage about which you have informed All4U in writing more than fourteen calender days after the discovery of the damage. Only damage suffered within two weeks after delivery of the article will be considered for indemnification.


All4U respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that the personal information which you provide us is confidential. We use your information to ensure that the data handling is running faster. Other than that we will use this data exclusively with your authorization.
All4U won't supply your personal details to third parties or will only supply these exclusively to third parties which have been involved in the implementation of your request. Our employees and our integrated third parties have been obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data. For more information please look at our separate Privacy Statement.


In case of disputes the Dutch Law is applicable as well as possible European law.

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