Ultrasonic Humidifier U350

Pour in water and feel either a warm or cooling mist
Boneco Ultrasonic Humidifier U350


The U350 ultrasonic humidifier fulfills all air humidifying needs. Alongside the special attention given to user-friendliness, the design received the Red Dot Design Award (an internationally recognized quality label for excellence in design).

The device can be filled with water from the top wherever it is being used, as well as from any position, and is controlled using the LED display. "AUTO" mode automatically and without worry humidifies the room air to an optimum relative humidity of 50%. This value is measured using a built-in humidistat and can be set as desired. The display provides an overview of all functions and maintenance instructions.

The U350 offers refreshment with a cooling mist in summer and a comforting warm mist in winter. Essential oils can also be used for room fragrance depending on your preference.


  • Easily fills from the top
  • Digital LED display with touch-sensitive control panel and humidity indicator
  • AUTO MODE regulates the humidification for worry-free operation
  • Integrated air humidity indicator
  • Incl. 2-in-1 water filter A250 AQUA PRO for pure humidification without residue

Features and benefits

  • Your choice of either warm or cool humidification
  • Easy to fill from the top
  • Self-explanatory digital display
  • Digital display with automatic dimming
  • Multifunctional display with helpful reminders (refill water, replace water, replace Ionic Silver Stick®, cleaning required)
  • Programmable hygrostat
  • 3 performance levels
  • Timer function
  • AUTO MODE for fully automated operation
  • Outstanding design
  • The mist can be dispersed in two directions in the room using a double-jet nozzle
  • Fragrance container for the use of essential oils
  • Long operating time thanks to the 5 liter water tank
  • Corrosion-resistant membrane surface made of titanium for long service life
  • The recommend accessories are included free with the delivery

Technical Data:

- Mains voltage                            220 – 240 V / 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption                   <27W
- Humidity output                        <350g/h
- Suitable for rooms                     up to 50m2 / 125 m3 
- Water capacity                          5 litres 
- Dimensions                               308 × 165 × 325 mm 
- Weight (empty)                         2.74 kg 
- Operating noise Level I/II          < 35 dB(A) 

BONECO A250 AQUA PRO 2-in-1 Water filter

Boneco Ultrasonic Humidifier U350 - System animation

Boneco Ultrasonic Humidifier U350 explained