Digital Humidifier Steamer S250

Adjustable steam output at just the right temperature with intuitive operation
Boneco Digital Steam Humidifier S250


The S250 steam humidifier offers hygienic air humidification that is ideal for families with children. Thanks to the hand-warm steam, the unit ensures a safe and pleasant atmosphere in households with children and pets. The S250 works with outstanding efficiency. In AUTO mode, the unit automatically adjusts to an optimum relative humidity level of 45% and immediately reduces output once that value is reached. Easy handling, precise controllability and simple cleaning in CLEANING mode embody the peak of Swiss quality.

Product Highlights

  • Bacteria-free steam ensures the most hygienic humidification
  • Digital LED display with touch-sensitive control panel and humidity indicator
  • Unique cooling fan secures a hand-warm mist – making it safer for children and pets
  • CLEANING MODE makes cleaning simple & easy / AUTO MODE regulates the humidification for worry-free operation
  • Suitable for the use of essential oils

Product Details

  • Digital display and controller for relative humidity
  • Programmable hygrostat
  • Hand-warm steam (child-friendly)
  • Can be used regardless of water quality and calcium content
  • High-performance with smart functions
  • Multifunctional display with helpful cleaning mode
  • Cleaning and maintenance reminder indicators
  • On/Off timer
  • Removable water tank with handle
  • Fragrance container for the use of essential oils
  • No filter pads or additives required
  • High-quality components with a long service life
  • The recommend accessories are included free with the delivery

Technical Data:

- Mains voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
- Power consumption Level 145 W / 285 W
- Humidity output Level 300 g/h
- Suitable for rooms 40 m2 / 100 m3
- Water capacity 3.0 litres
- Dimensions 316 x 172 x 281 mm
- Weight (empty) 2.5 kg
- Operating noise Level < 35 dB(A)
- System: Steamer


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